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  1. Hi Frank. Just stumbled on your page (well hours ago I did and have scoured through it)….. It is really good to read your story as it resonates fairly closely to mine, especially the poop accidents lol. Anyway, after battling chronic imflammation this past year, its time to take the leap and just quit the gluten free flours / sugars etc.. My last step in the battle and I feel it is the hardest. Because having a gf sandwich or gf pasta is great, but bloating, sleepiness, joint swelling, constipation and irritation is definitely not fun after (and I mean less than an hour after eating its all on)….. Your great blog is what I will read and re-read to keep me on track until it becomes a habit. Thanks for putting it all out there.

    1. You’re comment made me laugh, so thanks for that! You’re clearly listening to the signals your body is sending, and definitely seem ready to make some changes. I wish you success, and if you ever have questions or need to bounce ideas, just send us an email. Thanks for reading, Dina.

  2. Dear Frank,
    I just read every word you wrote twice actually. I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease plus I’m a diabetic. So this seemed so impossible to do retort my whole life. You gave me HOPE alight at the end of this scary tunnel. I don’t have much family support so it makes it scary and lonely. I’m gonna definitely take your advice to the fullest. Thank you again your article was an eye opener.
    Thank you
    Deborah K

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