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    1. Thanks for the shout out, Sheryl! The prevalence of autoimmune disease calls us to stick together and share our story – so glad you are spreading the word too!

  1. 1:30 am and I stumbled across your article. It’s late and I can’t sleep, anyone else dealing with this issue occasionally?
    I have known I had celiac for 5 years now. Your story sounds identical to mine. Things are better but not great.
    I have started to eliminate certain foods from my diet since it seems they are now culprits in my inflammation. Really hoping that I will be able to enjoy a few of the foods that are still on my safe list for a bit longer.
    Thanks again, for posting the article and all the great information. It truly takes a community working together towards the same goal, “Feeling normal,” to help keep things in perspective & continued improvement.

    1. Hi Michelle, I couldn’t have put it better myself. Anna and I have improved our help tremendously over the years using blogs, books, and anything we can get our hands on (good doctors included). I hope you are able to figure out the cause of your inflammation. If possible, get with a practitioner that will test for what might be causing your issues. I had a lot of success with gut microbiome testing, among others. Good luck and feel free to keep us posted/email us!

  2. This was an excellent article that I found on Pinterest. I am Italian as well and was diagnosed with celiac at age 66…many years of eating pasta and good italian bread. The switch to a GF diet definitely helped. I felt the effects immediately but there are still problems. I am much more careful now with cross contamination but it is a constant battle educating the people around me. My last tests showed I am improving but at a rate slower than expected and I have had some flare ups. I may need to start looking at other foods I eat. Thanks again.

    1. Ray! I’m so glad you were able to indulge for so long, but sorry to hear about your eventual diagnosis. If you are still having flares, doctors like Amy Myers claim that dairy can mimic gluten too – maybe something to look into. Whatever direction you decide to go, I hope you finally get relief from your symptoms.

  3. I too didn’t get 100% once diagnosed and following a GF diet (4 years now)………still having flare ups……….not sure what is doing it, which is depressing and annoying as all get out. Tired all the time and once again reunited more than I want to be with my friend John 😉 Thanks for at least letting me know I’m not the only one.

    1. Kathy, as saddened as I am by your struggle, I sure liked the way you put it! Chuckling as I write this… you are not the only one. Diet and gut healing go a long way though. Trying the AIP diet is never a bad place to start!

  4. Thank you so much for this read. My 6 year old daughter with the most beautiful understand soul was just diagnosied with Celiacs disease a year and half ago and it shocked my world!!! After many mistakes and alot of learning we are still going thru what looks like gulten symptoms but her tests come back good. I am just learning of other issues that can come along with this horrible disease! So this read was very informative for me and aided in some questions to ask her doctor!

    1. Hi Crystal, thank you for the comment. I’m sorry to hear about your daughter’s diagnosis. However, I’m pleased that you were able to take away something from my story. I hope that your doctor can help, but keep in mind that a lifestyle-based approach to autoimmune disease healing is still fairly new (in the conventional world). Therefore, many doctors are unfamiliar how to lean on diet, and lifestyle alteration, so we always encourage people to keep reading (like you are) and be your daughter’s top advocate. After all, you will be the making the changes and healing her – doctor’s are simply, awesome resources.

  5. Finally, someone speaks up about a gluten free not being the only answer. I was diagnosed with celiac in 2003 after over 20 years of suffering. Going gluten free improved my sysmptoms by about 90%. However, even cooking from scratch and limiting where I eat out most foods still pass through me too fast. My symptoms are inconsistent and have not succeeded at identifying the cause. Very frustrating.
    I REALLY hope that corn is not an issue for me. I love corn. Everything has corn in it just like gluten does.
    Have you had a blood test with results showing any oddities with your liver?

    1. Hi Jeannie! I’ll start off by saying… I love corn too. It never faded. Fortunately, I can have some in small quantities on occasion since it doesn’t have the same overall effect as something like gluten. However, regarding your liver question – for the most part I am pretty clear. Aside from some genetic SNPs that limit my liver’s detox effectiveness, nothing abnormal. I did test for LOW pancreatic enzymes which makes digesting my food a challenge. I have slowly added foods back in (after being on the AIP diet for 30+ days – highly recommend), and have begun digesting my food better. It is a slow process, and am still dialing things in. Hope this helps!

  6. Frank, thank you for posting your journey. I have not been diagnosed with Celiac, but pretty sure I have it. I am told I have non-Celiac gluten intolerance, but also have issues with pancreatic functioning. I have been gluten-free for 2 years, recently removed rice completely from my diet. Even a little rice flour causes an extreme flareup.
    I have found digestive enzymes that work for me, after several tries with different companies. I use Genius brand’s Digestion Optimizer. I have to take it after every meal.
    I have learned to drink only tea in the morning, to not introduce food to my stomach until around 11am, it keeps inflammation down for me.
    I see an acupuncturist and work with them and their herbal formulas to help heal my digestive system, which includes the liver, spleen, and pancreas.

    1. Hi, Cher. Thank you for an awesome comment! You are clearly listening to the cues and triggers that your body is presenting to you. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are feeling better than you have in a long time. I hope more people take your approach of improving and supporting all aspects of your health. Keep up the great work!!

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