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  1. I have just been “diagnosed” with a very vague “Inflammatory Arthritis” tag. She thinks it may be psoriatic arthritis, but I’ve never had psoriasis. Could be rheumatoid arthritis, sero-negative. So after over $4 K in doctor visits, labs and x-rays I know exactly what I knew before …. I have a serious problem with inflammation and arthritis. I have more labs Monday and then Methotrexate! A chemotherapy drug.
    I need some relief and fast —- Methotrexate takes 12 weeks plus to show improvement and that is IF it doesn’t damage my liver and kidneys. OK — time to get real.
    I am starting a sugar detox as step 1 to moving to the AIP. Sugar is the DEVIL and it has complete control over me right now. I contacted a holistic/chiropractic practice near me and will start seeing them as well.
    Is it going to be hard — YOU BET IT IS —will it be worth it —I PRAY IT WILL BE!
    Thank you Frank and Anna for all the work you have done to make this process less confusing.

    1. Hi Mary! Wow! I just love your spirit! This is exactly the kind of attitude you need to beat your arthritis and inflammation. Good for you for taking those first steps. Sugar is a tough one and really should have been one of the first things I cut out of my diet long ago, but it took me years because I knew how addicting it is. But let me tell you – once I finally took control, the cravings just melted away! I know the same will happen for you. We are praying for you, Mary. Please come back and let us know how you’re doing!

  2. I am on the beginning of the diet, lifestyle, and mindset/spiritual belief reassessment journey – this after fifteen years of misery in my inner world attempting to buck up by willpower alone, and submitting to the traditional Western medical system’s protocols for treatment – a boatload of prescription drugs. And, in my mid-40’s, as a person of faith (since age 7), I’ve finally begun to realize that some of my theology/spiritual beliefs have become twisted – if even ever so slightly. Truth as I have long seen it has over time become untethered from true-North Truth. And yet, I was so convinced I was holding and believing right beliefs. I’m not giving up my faith; just the opposite – I’m reassessing how I’ve rationalized and twisted the principles of my faith to serve my own purposes – and coming out of denial – out of my own lying to myself. I’ve begun to realize that the very worst person to mislead is…myself. And, that I’ve got limits – and instead of continually plowing over those limits, trying to be American bootstrap-pulling-up-iron-willed-Superman, it’s time to admit it – my spirit, soul, and body have limits. And, I need to respect them as I would if others shared their limits with me. Yet, in all of this, while I KNOW it’s the way to go – I’ve been rocked in my inner-world by the unexpected difficulties exactly as you have so on-target described them. Anna, THANK YOU FOR YOUR TRANSPARENCY!!! Knowing I’m no alone feeling the deep frustration, confusion, time suck ramifications, etc. etc. of this new way of living makes me feel loved – in the unconditionally-cared-for sense of the word. You have made me feel accepted as I am, worthy of a place in society, worthy of value. Despite my many flaws, failures, and weaknesses. Blessings on you – from one person whose life is now uplifted from a place of darkness and storm in my inner world. My inner storm about all you have been so truthful and vulnerable in describing is calm now – I am at peace. And that…is priceless.

    1. Wow, Brian! What a wonderful comment. Thank you for your kind words… I think your new way of looking at things is really going to keep you motivated and push through all of these obstacles we face as people living with a chronic illness. You nailed it right on the head, too, when you talk about accepting limitations and realizing we aren’t all Super man! And that’s totally okay because no one is! We are praying for you, Brian, and know that you can do this!!! Please check in with us and let us know how you are doing.

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