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DIY Whipped Body Butter with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Avocado Oil

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Whipped body butter is one of the coolest AND easiest DIY products out there!  Not only is it awesome for the skin, but it makes a great gift (especially around the holidays) and can be easily customized with essential oils for scent.  Plus, it looks good enough to eat.

When the lighter lotions just weren’t cutting it during the winter months, I decided to make this whipped body butter as a thicker alternative.  It was a hit!  But it also did it’s job.  Our skin greatly improved within a few days.

I will admit that it is a bit greasy, and although Frank uses it often throughout the day (he even takes it to work), I like to use it at night, especially on the kiddos after a bath.  It seems to absorb well after a shower and works all night so that we can wake up to smooth, soft skin.

I made it originally without any essential oils and actually enjoyed the light, earthy scent from the Shea Butter, but apparently it wasn’t good enough for Frank’s co-workers.  The second time around, I added Copaiba, Vanilla, and Lavender essential oils and got the thumbs up.  So I included those in this recipe.

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Let’s get started!

3 pictures of whipped body butter and shea butter, avocado oil, and coconut oil ingredients with text overlay - DIY Whipped Body Butter

DIY Whipped Body Butter Ingredients:

*Note – this recipe fills three 4 oz mason jars.*

1/2 cup Shea Butter
1/4 cup coconut oil (I use the organic coconut oil from Trader Joe’s or the Viva Naturals brand – just make sure it is not fractionated/liquid coconut oil.  It needs to solidify when it cools.)
1/4 cup avocado oil
Optional – Essential oils for customizing scent.  This recipe uses Copaiba, Vanilla, and Lavender for a light, woodsy vanilla scent.

DIY Whipped Body Butter Instructions:
  1. Measure out all ingredients and combine in a glass bowl or double boiler.
  2. Warm over medium heat and stir until all ingredients are melted.
  3. Remove from heat.  I usually transfer the mixture into the stainless steel bowl for my KitchenAid stand mixer.  It’s easiest to transfer the mixture now into whatever bowl you plan on using to whip (whether you are using a stand mixer or a hand mixer).
  4. Place mixture in the refrigerator and let cool for about an hour to an hour and a half.  See picture “B” below.  It should be solid around the edges and darker in the middle when it’s ready to be whipped.
  5. Whip on high until mixture turns white and fluffy.  See picture “D” below.  Whipping times may vary.  For the stand mixer, it takes about 2-3 minutes.  I like to stop it once or twice so that I can scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl so that everything is being incorporated.4 picture series containing DIY whipped body butter ingredients, stand mixer, and final whipped product
  6. If using essential oils, add them in during the final stages of whipping.  For this recipe, I used 7 drops of Copaiba, 3 drops of Vanilla, and 5 drops of Lavender.Vanilla, Lavender, and Copaiba essential oil bottles with text overlay - 3 drops, 5 drops, 7 drops
  7. Transfer the mixture into glass containers for storage.  If it is warm in the house, you may have to leave the body butter in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes to set before transferring.
  8. Store in a cool, dry place.  The body butter is a sensitive to temperature and can melt if it is stored near a heating vent or in another warm place.  To avoid this, especially in the warmer months, store it in the refrigerator at all times.
Clean Up:

Since this recipes requires a lot of fat and oil, instead of letting it clog our drain or waste paper towel wiping it away, we save the bowl and whisk and use the remaining body butter throughout the day so that not one bit is wasted!



whipped body butter with text overlay - Nontoxic Personal Care Products: DIY Whipped Body Butter with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, & Avocado Oil

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  1. Hi Anna – I just wanted to let you know how much I love your Whipped Body Butter. As we get older our skin dries out and sometimes it actually hurts. Your Body Butter works wonders on my aging dried out skin. It really heals! Thus I feel better.
    Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Hi Anne!
    Thanks for sharing this recipe!
    I am going to give this one a try for my superdry skin. How long can I store this??

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      Hi Nelly, since this recipe does not use any water, it should be okay for about 6 months. Just be sure to store it in a cool place! It will melt on warm days during the summer or if its in the sun (still usable though… just doesn’t look as pretty). I think you’ll love it. Thanks for reading!

  3. Hi there! Lovely recipe! Is it possibe for me to replace the Avocado oil with Almond oil at the same measurement? Thank you.

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  4. Hi! Just wanted to make a suggestion. Shea Butter does not have to be melted you can whip it right up with the other liquid oils. Also, to cut the greasy feeling down add corn starch, arrowroot starch or tapioca starch.

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  5. Anna, I am fairly new to EO’s and to making my own products. I have found that I’ve gotten older (60’s) my skin reacts to almost everything that I have tried , “natural” or not ad even lotions and creams I’ve used for years. I was diagnosed with Sjogrens and have had recent outbreaks due to the stress! I am hoping that this natural recipe helps.

    1. Post

      Hi Bonnie, I experienced the same thing years ago – started reacting to everything, especially during my worst Hashimoto’s days. I bet, like me, you will have much better luck making your own products! Please let us know how it works out for you. 🙂

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