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  1. Anna, What a wonderful testimony! I can relate to so many of the questions you asked. Sometimes we just have to stop, take a breath, and listen. God offers us Himself, what a precious gift. Thank you for sharing.

    I am working hard to build my website, but it’s taking forever. So much to learn & do. It’s a process. Someday, soon I hope.

    1. Patty, thank you. Yes, I agree – stopping to listen is so hard, but also so important for growing our relationship with God.

      And believe me, I can definitely relate! Building a blog is a continuous (and sometimes repetitive) learning process, but I have found that it is much easier when I learn to appreciate each and every step that gets me closer to my goals. I look forward to seeing your site when it’s finished. Keep going!!

      1. Hi Anna, I can totally relate to your story. I am a cradle Catholic, too, same but I still don’t know a lot of things about our faith. During the start of the pandemic, I felt a desire in my heart to have a closer relationship with God, to know Him more and to learn more a out our faith. So, I started to read my Bible consistently, read catholic blogs and watch catholic videos. And finding your blog is one of the results of constantly looking for catholic articles to read. I am so happy and I awe of all the beautiful things I learned about our faith. Our Catholic faith is truly rich and beautiful. God bless you more and more. I’ll come back for more readings.

        1. Hi Julai, I experienced much of the same during the pandemic. My thirst for building a stronger relationship with God has only grown even more since. God is SO good, and I am also in awe of Him every day! Thank you for reading and taking the time to share your story. It is so great to hear from others who are also on the same path to learning more about our Catholic faith.

  2. Hi Anna, I’m a cradle Catholic that left my Catholic Faith for 25 years. I was Protestant until I heard Scott Hahn. Wow, I did not realize the beauty of my Catholic Faith and that I had given up the Eucharist for a symbol. I returned to my Catholic Faith and I am an on fire Christian! I didn’t know how to defend my faith. I still don’t spend my time defending it but at least I know why I believe what I believe. I would rather spend my time praying then debating.

    1. Joann, I love this. It is ironic because Scott Hahn’s “The Fourth Cup” was very influential in my understanding of the Eucharist and strengthening my Catholic faith. I, too, feel the same that I at least now have a much greater understanding of what Catholicism is and truly appreciate the greatest gift of our sacraments. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and share your story, Joann!

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