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Two of Our Favorite (& Uncommon) Therapies for Healing Autoimmune Disease [Guest Post]

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If you’re choosing to take the functional medicine approach to healing from autoimmune disease, you’ll hear about diet, sleep, lifestyle, etc. in addition to a ton of alternative therapies that can amplify your healing. 

But, there are two therapies in particular we use on a daily basis.  They are especially useful for managing autoimmune issues and inflammation, and really aren’t given the credit they deserve.  We rarely see them mentioned in books and blogs, and I would say 98.79% (estimate) of people in the US have never even heard of them.  If they have heard of them – they weren’t given the real story. (Ugh.)

Plus, they are super cheap in comparison to everything else out there.  One is even completely free!

We wrote about these amazing therapies in a guest post on Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s blog, so you’ll have to head over there to read about them.  While you’re there, be sure to check out the rest of her content because it’s awesome!

Click here to view the blog post: Two Alternative Therapies for Autoimmune Disease that Don’t Get Enough Love.

And just remember…

These therapies work very well for many people (including us), but only in addition to a solid, holistic autoimmune-friendly lifestyle.


woman's barefeet walking in sand on beach with text overlay - Autoimmune Disease Treatment: Two Healing Therapies that Don't Get Enough Love!

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