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  1. This is an excellent resource. I am in the process of all steps above. Having to wait months for scheduled Functional Medicine and endocrinologist appointments, (still waiting) have had to become educated through research and experimentation.
    Waited YEARS and scheduled myself with an endocrinology nurse practitioner to have someone take me seriously to do proper blood tests to confirm a diagnosis beyond “depression”.
    But treatment stopped with adding a medication… no counseling for diet or other changes…
    Thank you for sharing. You have helped me and I am sure countless others.

    1. Kate, your journey sounds very similar to mine and many others. I also had to wait months to find a doctor willing to treat me correctly, and even then – I still had to be my own advocate because doctors don’t know everything. It really all came down to my own personal research and experimentation and listening to what MY body was telling me. I think you are on a great path forward, and I know that you will find what works for you!

  2. Hello Anna,

    Thank you so much for your posts- everything sounds familiar.
    What a relief. I’m having tears of joy…

    It is such a long journey.

    I’ve been experiencing some weird symptoms since my first child’s birth, 19 years ago.
    Those symptoms never stopped: feeling constantly dizzy, with brain fogs, fuzzy in my head, losing my hair, totally exhausted, having purple hands and legs, scary mood swings and so on…

    People don’t take me seriously because they can’t see anything.
    It is easy for the doctors to tell me I am depressed, having a PTSD or that I have a bipolar disorder .
    NO WAY. There is something else going on that prevents me from enjoying this beautiful life…
    When tested, my thyroid is “all right”- nothing to complain about.

    From now on, I am going to follow your advices.
    Thank you for your help, Anna…keep up the spirit 😉

    1. Hi Stéphanie, I know those symptoms all to well, and was also fed the same script by my doctors at the time… depression and bipolar. Good for you for realizing their mistake and taking charge! The best part is that all of this can be reversed, and you can get back to feeling great again.

  3. I have a question. I have read and read books about hashimotos and I spoke to my endocrinologist and asked her to put me on desciated thyroid medicine which she was willing but told me when I turn 50 ( a year away) that I had to change back because they don’t recommend it for people over 50. Have u heard that before ??

    1. Hi Hillary! No, I have never heard of that, but I know quite a few people over 50 who use desiccated thyroid prescribed by their doctors… so I, too, am curious as to why she said that? If you find out her reasoning, please come back and let us know. 🙂

  4. I’m glad you mentioned Dr Goldner! I’ve gone through paleo, autoimmune paleo, keto (so angry I did that!), a bunch of elimination diets, and an extended water fast which initially made me feel better than my entire life (16 days, do NOT do that without frequent blood tests. My TSH swung from 1.7 to 0.35 to 4.8 because I didn’t adjust my synthroid and the depression that came after almost killed me). I even had to go on pregnenolone because my energy was so low despite taking T3 too.

    I don’t know what’s happening to my antibodies at the moment, but 1 week of following Dr Goldner’s advice and I feel very energetic, less pains everywhere, and my guts feel amazing. I was whole food plant based no oil to start with but her advice is like taking rocket fuel (in a good way).

    1. Hi Elle. I am so happy to hear about your results with Dr. Goldner’s protocol. Your story seems to match my experience as well as many others. It isn’t the easiest of diets to follow, but the results speak for themselves. I hope our experiences can help spread the word because I really feel many people are not aware of this protocol. Thanks for sharing your story!

  5. I was only recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. Today, I cannot tell you what a relief your article has been for me. It’s been one of those very hard days. To say that I felt hopeless would be an understatement. I have been overwhelmed by thousands of opinions and internet searching. Trying to educate myself on this disease has been stressful to say the least.
    With four children and a husband going through school this has been a huge trial form me.
    Changing my diet, getting better sleep, avoiding foods has all been so difficult because I’ve always felt like a healthy person. Now, I’m in daily pain and today I felt like I was crumbling.
    Your article gave me hope.
    For me, this diagnosis felt more like a death sentence to all future plans.
    I want to be hopeful. I want to do all I can to be better. Thank you for all your input.

    1. Amanda, you are not alone in how you feel… we aren’t given much hope upon our initial diagnosis. I know how terrible Hashimoto’s can make you feel. But, there is ALWAYS hope and it is possible to feel better! Lifestyle changes are difficult – my best advice is to start with baby steps, rather than all at once. It doesn’t have to be all at once. Ask yourself at the end of the day if you did at least one thing, even if its tiny, to move you in the right direction. Eventually, those tiny changes will add up.

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