homeopathic remedies on wooden spoon with text overlay - Natural Remedies for Autoimmune Disease: 4 Ways We Use Homeopathy to Manage Autoimmune Disease

4 Ways I Use Homeopathy to Manage Autoimmune Disease

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homeopathic remedies on wooden spoon with text overlay - Natural Remedies for Autoimmune Disease: 4 Ways I Use Homeopathy to Manage Autoimmune DiseaseIt had been ten hours since my last dose and my resting heart was still 130 (normal range is said to be 60-100 beats per minute).

“Dad, can you check my pulse to make sure I’m not crazy?”

He confirmed my sanity.  My heart was racing and skipping beats for no obvious reason.

I glanced at the clock and saw the arms inching their way closer to bed time.  I had a long commute in the morning followed by hours in the chemistry laboratory.  Then, 3 hours of extremely unexciting work.

I weighed my two options: go to the hospital/clinic (time suck).


Drink some wine (duh).

Of course, I reached for the bottle of Merlot.  I figured that if my heart was going bonkers, then I needed to slow it down the old-fashioned way (if that was even a thing) by use of a liquid depressant.

Do I recommend this as means of slowing down your heart rate?  Absolutely not.  I am lucky that nothing worse happened… the heart is nothing to mess with.

This story began when I decided to try out an over-the-counter decongestant drug to help clear my sinuses.  Maybe, if I had gone to the hospital to seek a safer approach for controlling my heart rate, the doctor or pharmacist could have told me that decongestants are a big NO for those with thyroid disease.

Then again, I could have just read the back of the box.  Always read the back of the box.

Given that I have an autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s) AND was likely taking too much thyroid medication at the time, my racing heart made sense.  Saddened by my discovery of the side effects from my go-to drug, I said goodbye to my trusted decongestants.

Thankfully, years later, I found an alternative that works.  The best part is that I don’t have to worry about any warning labels on the package in regards to my Hashimoto’s Disease, or my Lupus, or any other hidden autoimmune condition I may have.

What’s the alternative?


But first, STOP here if:

  • You don’t know what homeopathy is.
  • You think homeopathy is just another way to say “home remedies.”
  • You think homeopathy describes the use of herbal salves & tinctures, essential oils, supplements, etc. to optimize health & wellness.

If any of those apply to you, then read this post to learn about what homeopathy actually is so that the rest of this blog post isn’t confusing.  (By the way, don’t feel bad if you don’t know what homeopathy is… I didn’t know either.  I thought it meant using herbs).

Okay, now back to what I was saying…

Ever since my discovery of this deep-acting system of remedies, I have reached new heights in my healing; ones I thought were just prayers of the past.  I can literally feel my body getting stronger every day.

I am convinced this is THE major tool Frank and I have been missing throughout the years as we recover from our autoimmune disease damage and symptoms.

Below, I’ll share just 4 of the many ways homeopathy has changed the game for us and our autoimmune, chronic illness life.

How Homeopathy Helps Us Manage Chronic Illness & Autoimmune Disease

1.) We no longer depend on the use of OTC drugs, creams, etc. to tackle minor colds, illness, ailments, etc.

Following my lackluster decision of medicating with wine, I stepped on the path of discarding my decongestants.

Sadly, once I did a little more digging, I found that almost ALL the OTC drugs I was using to suppress my minor everyday ailments (heartburn, seasonal allergies, & rashes) were also toxic to my thyroid condition.  You can view a list of those here.

No bueno for Hashimoto’s Disease.

I cleaned out my entire medicine cabinet, quickly realizing that life was going to become a bit more uncomfortable.  Thankfully,  I eliminated the majority of my everyday ailments once I made dietary changes to reduce inflammation.

But… that still left the seasonal coughs and colds, injuries, and other randomness that occurs because I’m a human being.

Our discovery of homeopathy has proven to be the long-awaited answer to our prayers for fighting off these pesky ailments.

Plus, having the simple but effective power of homeopathy in our medicine cabinet leaves us without concern about drug side-effects.

Oh shoot! I almost forgot, did I mention their CHEAP?  And basically never expire?

Simply amazing.

2.) Some of our weirdest, most stubborn symptoms of autoimmune disease have been minimized (or even eliminated).

My best example?

Autoimmune pain.  So stubborn and persistent, it’s always lingering in the background nagging your nerves.  Not to mention the annoyance when people ask if you’re OK, but the pain is indescribable (seriously, some forms of pain are so hard to describe), so you come off as irritated from trying your best to answer the question.

Fortunately, I have CBD oil and other forms of natural anti-inflammatory remedies.  Turmeric is awesome.  Krill oil, too.  But they are all so expensive, and sometimes on a really bad day, even after doubling up on my dose, they just don’t work.

One day, after discussing the pain in my homeopathy study group, I learned of a protocol used specifically for Lupus pain.  Given that I have some sort of unspecified mixed connective tissue disease within the Lupus family, I decided to give it a whirl and popped some of the sugar pellets into my mouth.

15 minutes and the pain disappeared.


It’s true.  I am so convinced of the potential, that I am now working with a professional homeopath to see what other kinds of remedies we can use to combat my autoimmune symptoms.

Frank’s also going to hop on board soon to see if it can be of any help for his exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) likely related to his Celiac Disease.

3.) We’ve given our supplements an extra boost to address our common and unique nutritional deficiencies.

Spend any time in the functional medicine world and you’ll learn that many people with autoimmune disease have at least one nutritional deficiency (magnesium is the usual culprit), or aren’t absorbing nutrients from their food.

Frank and I are no exception.

I have always struggled with low iron and anemia.  During my first pregnancy, I received iron via IV because my levels were so low.  But even that didn’t last long.  Loads of spinach, red meat, and iron supplements… nothing worked.  Nothing stuck.

So when I delivered my second child and lost over a liter of blood, I was terrified of my recovery and the uphill battle for maintaining normal iron levels.

Thankfully though, I just learned about a series of homeopathic remedies called cell salts, one of which was specific to iron absorption.  I started taking it right away while I was in the hospital and was discharged with some of the most impressive levels the doctors had ever seen after such a traumatic delivery.

I continued using the cell salt for 3 months post-partum and haven’t had any issues with iron deficiency anemia since.

4.) We now have a gentle approach for our most delicate emotional states, moods, and stress.

I’m talking about full on panic attacks.  Feeling so overwhelmed to the point of immobility.  Crazy hormonal swings as my body regulates post-partum.  Strange anxiety that comes right before bedtime.  Anticipatory anxiety before doctor’s appointments.


Homeopathic remedies work to address both the mental and physical aspects of illness.  Emotions in particular are often ignored when dealing with chronic illness.

So many of us, myself included, forget just how much stress takes a toll on our bodies.  And then we suppress, ignore, and push it away until it all comes crashing down at the same time.  Maybe even in the form of a new disease.

Stress and anxiety are normal, but now that Frank and I are susceptible to autoimmune flares for the rest of our lives, we are happy to have a tool that effectively addresses our emotions.

The Benefits of Homeopathy Are Numerous

Given that we were just introduced to homeopathy within the past couple years, I’ve realized that we are just barely scratching the surface of its potential.  The success stories from countless others are truly incredible… including animals and even plants and gardens!  It’s nuts!

Joette Calabrese has an enlightening podcast series called “Moms with Moxie” and sometimes, there are Dads interviewed, too. (Frank uses homeopathy all the time, so this isn’t just a mom thing.)

If you’re on the fence, give some of those podcasts a listen and you’ll see what I mean!

Did you know that over 200 million people use homeopathy worldwide on a regular basis?  If you are interested in using homeopathy and would like the freedom to choose this as an option, then please head over to Americans for Homeopathy Choice to learn more about protecting our healthcare rights in the United States.  Homeopathy is currently under attack and we need your support!


homeopathic remedies on wooden spoon with text overlay - Natural Remedies for Autoimmune Disease: 4 Ways I Use Homeopathy to Manage Autoimmune Disease


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  1. In a previous post you mentioned using homeopathy for hormone related migraines. Can I ask what you use specifically? Thank you!

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  2. I must be blind or dumb, but I didn’t see in your post just what 3 sugar pills you took to relieve your pain. Could you tell me what they are?

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      Hi Ted, you are correct – I didn’t list what I used. I usually don’t list my remedies due to how individualized homeopathy is – what worked for me, might not work for anyone else. But since you asked – it was a combination of Hypericum 200 and Arsenicum Album 200, twice a day, following the usual rules of administration (no food/water 15 minutes before and after, etc.)

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          1. Hi Anna

            Please can you recommend something for auto immune illness ( psoriasis) as I recently started researching on homeopathic solutions for my sister, who safer all her life. She’s been using steroid creams all her life, her skin is extremely thin. She’s been hospitalised many times due to severe psoriasis. I am looking for homeopathic remedy to treat her immune system.
            I live in Australia, my sister lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I might have access for more medications here and really trying to help her.
            Currently I am in process trying to order Cytokine therapy for her.
            I am also researching for capsules from Baden Baden, Germany that uses suis organ (skin cuts) to recover skin. But I don’t know what is called, that’s what am trying to figure out so that I can order it. Please let me know if you can help.
            Many thanks !!

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            Hi Jenny, I am unsure of what type of homeopathic medicine would help your sister since homeopathy is so individualized. My recommendation would be to check out Joette Calabrese, which is where I learned the majority of my homeopathic knowledge. She has an online course called “Skin: The Ugly Truth” where she teaches you how to pick and use homeopathic remedies for various skin conditions. Outside of working with a professional homeopath, her course would be the first place I would start. Here is the link if you’d like to check it out.

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      Hi Holland, great question! Unfortunately, it’s a bit too complicated to answer in just this comment, but I do plan on addressing this in the future with either an online course or a blog post series. I can tell you though that I learned the majority of what I know from Joette Calabrese and her online courses. You can check out her website here. She has a quick start guide for homeopathy to help you understand the basics. I’ve also worked with a professional homeopath, and you can find a list of those here. Many of them work remotely and do not require an in-office visit. This is where I recommend you start to help you find the right remedy for you.

  3. Hi Anna, finding your site was an amazing answer to prayer! Thank you for sharing your journey! I also study under Joette. Could you please share what you used for your anxiety and stress where you said that both you and your husband saw great healing? Thank you!

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      Hi Rebekah,

      It is so, so cool that you also study under Joette. Frank and I both use different remedies, but the remedy that works best for me in regards to stress and anxiety is Sepia. For Frank, it’s Aurum Metallicum. We also use Bach Flower Rescue Remedy as an SOS – I do not leave home without it!

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