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  1. In a previous post you mentioned using homeopathy for hormone related migraines. Can I ask what you use specifically? Thank you!

  2. I must be blind or dumb, but I didn’t see in your post just what 3 sugar pills you took to relieve your pain. Could you tell me what they are?

    1. Hi Ted, you are correct – I didn’t list what I used. I usually don’t list my remedies due to how individualized homeopathy is – what worked for me, might not work for anyone else. But since you asked – it was a combination of Hypericum 200 and Arsenicum Album 200, twice a day, following the usual rules of administration (no food/water 15 minutes before and after, etc.)

          1. Hi Anna

            Please can you recommend something for auto immune illness ( psoriasis) as I recently started researching on homeopathic solutions for my sister, who safer all her life. She’s been using steroid creams all her life, her skin is extremely thin. She’s been hospitalised many times due to severe psoriasis. I am looking for homeopathic remedy to treat her immune system.
            I live in Australia, my sister lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I might have access for more medications here and really trying to help her.
            Currently I am in process trying to order Cytokine therapy for her.
            I am also researching for capsules from Baden Baden, Germany that uses suis organ (skin cuts) to recover skin. But I don’t know what is called, that’s what am trying to figure out so that I can order it. Please let me know if you can help.
            Many thanks !!

          2. Hi Jenny, I am unsure of what type of homeopathic medicine would help your sister since homeopathy is so individualized. My recommendation would be to check out Joette Calabrese, which is where I learned the majority of my homeopathic knowledge. She has an online course called “Skin: The Ugly Truth” where she teaches you how to pick and use homeopathic remedies for various skin conditions. Outside of working with a professional homeopath, her course would be the first place I would start. Here is the link if you’d like to check it out.

          3. Hi. Thank you for all the great info. Curious, do you use the Hyland’s brand for the Ferum Phos 6x?

          4. Hi Cassie! I have used Hyland’s brand before, but now I order directly from a homeopathic pharmacy. If I am ever in a pinch, though, I will grab Hyland’s from a local grocery store.

    1. Hi Holland, great question! Unfortunately, it’s a bit too complicated to answer in just this comment, but I do plan on addressing this in the future with either an online course or a blog post series. I can tell you though that I learned the majority of what I know from Joette Calabrese and her online courses. You can check out her website here. She has a quick start guide for homeopathy to help you understand the basics. I’ve also worked with a professional homeopath, and you can find a list of those here. Many of them work remotely and do not require an in-office visit. This is where I recommend you start to help you find the right remedy for you.

  3. Hi Anna, finding your site was an amazing answer to prayer! Thank you for sharing your journey! I also study under Joette. Could you please share what you used for your anxiety and stress where you said that both you and your husband saw great healing? Thank you!

    1. Hi Rebekah,

      It is so, so cool that you also study under Joette. Frank and I both use different remedies, but the remedy that works best for me in regards to stress and anxiety is Sepia. For Frank, it’s Aurum Metallicum. We also use Bach Flower Rescue Remedy as an SOS – I do not leave home without it!

  4. Hi Anna

    Loved your post. Can you tell me what you used for pain. Is it safe for hashimoto? Also do you still take Synthroid? Or have you reversed your Hashimoto? Also what do you use for nutrient deficiency?

    1. Hi Sasha,

      In terms of homeopathy, Hypericum mixed with Arsenicum Album was most helpful for my muscle pain, and Rhus Tox was helpful for joint pain. Homeopathy is very gentle and can offer great benefits for reversing and healing Hashimoto’s disease but I highly recommend working with a skilled homeopathic practitioner or taking Joette Calabrese’s homeopathy courses if you are not familiar with how it works or how to use it.

      I have reversed my Hashimoto’s disease and no longer need Synthroid or any other thyroid medication. You can read about my journey starting in this post.

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