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  1. This was extremely helpful. I suffer from multiple autoimmune/inflammatory diseases, one caused heart failure so I feel like most days before my feet even touch the floor that the day is stacked against me. I am a bit OCD when it comes to cleaning and organization we even downsized our home to make achieving basic chores possible again and I’ve been beyond exhausted since we moved in. I’ve slept 17 hours in a day and had no issues going back to sleep. Hopefully this blog will help me regain my sanity with a clean house and everything in its perfect place. The second bedroom is supposed to be my home office and it contains my vanity for when it’s possible to even apply makeup and I can’t even get to them because of unpacked boxes and clutter that needs to go into storage. Maybe just maybe planning things out and timing them will allow me to have my life in order. Going from a very healthy woman enjoying her 30’s to a 40 year old that is very sick 95% of the time and sleeping most of it has been extremely difficult. Articles like this give me hope that I can slowly put my life back in order even though it’s done at a different pace. Thank you for sharing your success to help me

    1. Amy, I am so glad that you found this article useful. I appreciate you sharing your story/symptoms and showing the strength you possess by doing your best to compensate for your challenges. Please reach out over email if there are more specific questions we can help with or to offer additional encouragement.

    2. I just wanted to say thank you for your article it gives me hope they are not sure what’s wrong with me I’m having an MRI done in two days from now but I’ve read your article and hopefully it will help me to stop before I get exhausted and get weak just like today cleaning the dishwasher filter my son tells me to stop to know my body but I I don’t know my body and I don’t know when to stop hopefully your tool kit will help thank you for sharing what you guys have went through I really appreciate it I’m just taping this on a microphone so there’s no abbreviations I just can’t remember the name of the periods and stuff in it but I just wanted to get my feelings out and express to you that all your work on this article is so important people I’m going to share it with my girlfriend who is going through a very hard time too.


      Gerry Tate

  2. Thank you for this article. It gives solid advice for people like us, “spoonies”. I have been trying to schedule my household chores in the same way that you described. I recently had a bad flare that took a couple of days to recover. I’m gradually getting my home into a more manageable state. Best wishes to you and your wife.

    1. Thank you for the wishes, Heidi. I’m so glad you found the ideas useful! Keep on chipping away and enjoying the little victories like getting your house in order – always feels good 😊

  3. Thanks for this article – it’s the most helpful and pragmatic one on this topic that I’ve read so far. I used to be a perfectionist who did chores daily and still rage-cleaned on the weekends so I could see my entire home spotless at least once a week. It’s been so hard to give that up. It helped me to start by working with my therapist to understand how my authoritarian parents and traditional upbringing led to unhealthy, yet deeply buried, beliefs about cleaning and boat-loads of shame. But even after working through much of that, the crushing fatigue of POTS was still there.

    Seeing the little trophy really made me smile. 🙂 I also appreciated the concrete advice about which chores to focus on. And you helped me stay firm in my resolve to not cave into the pressure to add more decor to my spartan home. I would just be dusting it for years to come, and I would only be doing it to please my extended family, when cleaning for my health is a way better motivation.

    Finally, I appreciate that you wrote this as a husband and father. Growing up, I was taught that household chores are entirely the responsibility of the woman and they majorly reflect on her worth as a person. Even though I’m now a feminist and I don’t believe that, it’s hard to entirely shed the years of built-up pressure around it. Seeing examples of real spouses who share the chores helps me to keep letting go of that baggage.

    I’m going to go do a small chore and time it now!

    1. Hi Jillian, thank you so much for the high praise!! I’m cracking up about your term “rage-cleaning”… and also saddened that you had carried such a burden for so long. But, glad now that you found some relief and benefit from this post! I always appreciate stories like yours – you are resilient!

  4. Hi, Frank!

    I’ve been dealing with CFS for several years; it’s been a learning experience–to say the least!–especially since I was a very active person. I’ve had to relearn just about everything, as well as how to accept I’m not going to get back to the way I was prior to the horrible flu that kicked the CFS into action.

    One of the things I’ve struggled with is housework. I prefer a tidy home–especially now as the clutter makes me feel more tired. But I kept getting behind, which generated more stress and, thusly, more fatigue. I knew what I needed to do to keep things as I preferred–but I struggled with the how.

    Recently, my apartment came to look like Dorothy whipped through on her way to Oz–then back again. I sat down and broke up all I wanted to clear up and clean into rooms–and phases for each room. That was helpful, but my thought was, “But how do I STAY on top of things?!” All my own tries hadn’t worked.

    I’d done Google searches with strings like “staying on top of chores cfs”–but none of the posts I found were terribly helpful. They all regurgitated the same ideas and didn’t provide any help at all. I tried again a few days ago and found this post, and, through it, learned about Tody. At first, I rejected the idea of using an app–after all, I knew what to do, right?

    Wrong. I reminded myself that all my ways had failed.

    I have a super strict budget, but I thought the $6.99 might be worth it. It was! I’ve spent the last week scratching off all the things from my Chore-o-rama list. With the help of Tody, I’ve set up schedules for all the chores, plus ones for the future. I also love that I can do seasonal lists–that will be very helpful for maintaining my terrace container garden and keeping the area tidy. I finally feel like I can pace myself properly and chores aren’t dangling off in the “sometime in the future” way of thinking.

    I’ve even used the app to create a section I called “Self-Care”; in there I’ve put things for a daily check-off that will help support my health. I chose to put laundry in there as I tend to stretch that out for as long as possible, and then I have 8.2 billion loads to do (okay, so not *that* many…but it feels like it); my apartment is on the 3rd floor, the laundry room is in the basement. That makes it harder as we don’t have elevators.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful post! I’m so glad the search string I used brought me here.


    Heather Self
    Portland, OR

    1. Hi Heather! Thanks so much for your comment. I am laughing as I respond (that’s a lot of laundry loads)… I’m really glad my post was helpful! Hopefully your comment inspires other who are struggling to make a certain change/try something new.

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