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  1. What cleaning products, shampoos, make up etc do you recommend? I cleaned the other day and was so sore and tired after two hours. I think the chemicals contributed to that.
    Do you have a list of good brands?

    1. Hi Erin! Thanks for reading. It’s really encouraging that you noticed a reaction to cleaning because it means you are really paying attention to your body’s signals. I don’t have a list on our blog yet… but it is definitely something that is important. I’ll be sure to add a list in the near future! In the mean time, take a look at the Environmental Working Group website to help you pick cleaner products. And a good rule of thumb is to always look for plant-based cleaners with no artificial or synthetic fragrance.

    1. Hi Marcia, thanks for reading! I do not have a blog post about it yet, but I plan on writing one soon. When it’s ready, I’ll reply here with the link!

  2. Hi Anna hope you get this message , I am so grateful for people like you that are so willing to help others like me . You have given me so much hope and peace as I recently had a car accident that lead me to get my neck checked and they found a small nodule in the X-ray . I had suspected my thyroid was off and was getting ready to see my Dr anyway . Reading slot right now I came across your article and had moved me to tears . Yes everything starts with God . Absolutely no other way . The rest is Him and I and a big major change in life . Thank you for your hard work looking up so much info . It definitely will be part of my life now . Thank you Esther

    1. Hi Esther. Thank you so much for your kind words! Just from your comments, I know you are on the right path to finding the answers you need, especially with God on your side. I wish you all the wellness in the world and will be praying for you!

  3. Hi Anna,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! I have been diagnosed with Hashimotos for the last three years, my antibodies went from 90 in 2015, to 2000 in 2018 and then up again 2200 this past week:( I feel like I’ve tried everything! I do not eat gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, sugar, I try to be careful of cross contamination but I live with a family that eats gluten, and I eat out only a few restaurants I feel are *safe* but I should prob be even more careful. I’ve been working on healing from gastritis for the last YEAR, I can’t seem to figure out my triggers and what combo of supplements may help heal, I seem to react to a lot of ones I’ve tried…
    I’m contemplating trying LDN, but the trick will be finding a Dr that will prescribe… Did you have to find a Functional Dr to prescribe it to you?

    1. Hi Whittney, I am so sorry to hear you are going through this, and totally understand your frustration. I did have to find a functional medicine doctor to prescribe LDN, but I’ve also heard of conventional doctors who are starting to use it by the request of their patients. It sounds like you could really benefit from working with a functional medicine practitioner to help sort out some underlying root causes (infections, mold, heavy metals, etc.) that could be contributing to the continual rise of your antibodies. Have you read Dr. Izabella Wentz’s books? Hashimoto’s Root Cause and Hashimoto’s Protocol. I think they would be very helpful in your situation, just to give you some ideas and guide discussions with your doctor. The good news is that there is a ton more you can try to help reduce those antibodies. You’ll find your answers soon enough. You’re already half-way there! Be sure to come back and let us know how you’re doing.

  4. Thank you for writing this. I am 34 year old female. Went into an ENT, for my tonsils and came out with an ultrasound scan for 3 nodules on my thyroid. I had elevated antibodies, the whole thing with my thyroid and am scheduled an apt with an endocrinologist this week to go over everything. *fingers* I’m hoping it’s just Hashimotos and not cancer. Your post gives me so much hope when I’ll be honest, I was losing some, and I am such a positive person. So I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to write this, and giving hope to those who need it. I’ll continue to follow you and will most definitely be following your tips and advice through ur post. Thank you again.

    1. Hi Emily, thank you for your kind words. Regardless of the outcome of your doctor’s appointment, there is always ALWAYS hope. If there is one thing I’ve learned in this entire journey, it’s that our bodies were designed to heal, and with the right tools, your body will do miraculous things. Please check back with us and let us know how you are doing. You are on the right track, Emily!

  5. Its so overwhelming i dont know where to start. I never made it to the Endocrinologist to confirm hashimotos but its more then likely. I have had hypothyroidism all my life. Since young childhood. Back then the knowledge was minimal..42 now. I was off medicine for years. Discovering it and bringing it to my docs att. My TSH was 85 when it started coming down. I am now in my own without insurance with God! Researching and trying to figure out where to place is chiropractor. Thanks! But tge diet and profucts are overwhelming. Where to start? How to start? Cold turkey?

    1. Hi Gretchen… I get it! It is SO overwhelming. But take comfort knowing you are headed in the right direction. The best thing to do when you feel overwhelmed is just take the next best step forward… that is going to look different for everyone. I, personally, always start with a book so I can have all the information I need upfront before making a decision. I recommend Dr. Izabella Wentz’s books – Hashimoto’s Protocol, which lays out a plan for you to follow right away so that you can start feeling better! Remember that no healing journey is ever perfect, but the best thing to do is just START! This book does a great job of helping you do that.

  6. Hi there –

    I am curious if you still take the systemic enzymes now that your antibodies are non-existent?

    Do you continue (to this day) to do all the aforementioned things you did to reverse the antibodies and hashimotos?

    Am just wondering if it’s necessary to continue it all now that is been reversed or if it would come back if you stopped with things like the systemic enzymes etc?

    1. Hi Tara, that is an excellent question! It is something I’m still figuring out myself. It’s only been a few months since my antibodies went negative, and I am still taking the systemic enzymes along with following the same diet and lifestyle guidelines I’ve adopted over the past decade.

      I really don’t plan on stopping the enzymes for at least a couple years because I am currently pregnant and know that I am at risk for an autoimmune flare after delivery. While I’m not sure about what would happen if I stopped the enzymes, I’m quite certain that my autoimmune issues aren’t “cured” in the sense that I can now eat and do whatever I want without it coming back. I expect there will always be some sort of lifestyle and diet habits I’ll need to follow to keep my antibodies negative and inflammation managed.

  7. Hello Anna !!
    I read that you take low-dose naltrexone for your tpo antibodies. May I ask how you were prescribed that drug? My primary care doctor will not administer it to me, so I am looking into pain specialists or functional med docs.
    Thanks so much! Love your blog!

    1. Hi Jo. Yes, I took LDN for quite some time (I am not on it anymore). I was prescribed it by a family practice functional medicine doctor local to my area and I have to admit, it was just sheer luck. That particular doctor did not do much else for me, but she was knowledgeable about LDN which I am grateful for. Since then, I’ve worked with two other doctors who use it regularly and they are functional medicine/integrative family practice doctors. Whenever I mention to any other type of doctor, they have never heard of it being used for autoimmune disorders.

      A helpful resource for finding a doctor who may prescribe it is: but I know that list isn’t all there is because my doctors aren’t on the list for my state. 🙂 Hope that helps!

  8. Hi Anna,

    I’m so thankful for your blog. I just found you this week and have been trying to absorb it all.

    You mentioned finding something that helped with leg cramps. Can you share what that was? My husband takes ibuprofen several nights a week for that and I’ve been searching for a better option.

    Thank you! ❤️

    1. Hi Allison,

      My leg cramps have always been tricky, but over the years it seems to be a combination of fish oil, Vitamin D/K, and magnesium glycinate. For the magnesium and Vitamin D in particular, if I do not take a large enough dose, I will still get the leg cramps. So for me, I need to take at least 5,000 IU of Vitamin D per day and 4 pills of the magnesium glycinate per day. Anything less and the cramps are back.

      I also know of a few people who have had great success using a homeopathic remedy by Hyland’s specific for leg cramps.

      Also, staying hydrated is another key factor I found!

      Hope that helps. 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for this info; I do think it will help. And thank you for all the info on your site. It’s been so incredibly overwhelming trying to figure this all out. Your blog seems to fit me and where I’m at right now. ❤️

        1. Of course! I know exactly how you feel – it is so overwhelming at first but eventually the pieces start to come together. Please let us know if you have any more questions.

  9. Hi Anna,

    God bless you! I have felt supported and guided after reading your battle with autoimmunity. I found out about Hashimoto’s about 1.5 months ago. Gone 100% gluten free and almost dairy free too. Taking zinc, magnesium, Vit D, probiotics, B complex and fish oil supplements. It’s all so overwhelming right now. How do you decide when to take a step forward and try something new/eliminate an old routine? For example, this past month my digestive issues have improved a lot, but the anxiety and brain fog are still high. Will it take a couple of months to see changes in the antibodies level?

    1. Hi Alice, I know firsthand how overwhelming it can be. I learned over the years that changing just a few things at a time was the best way forward so I could understand how my body felt before jumping to something new. It sounds like you have a really great foundation with the supplements and diet and it’s a great sign your digestive issues are clearing up! Definitely an indicator your body likes what your doing. 🙂

      I always decided to try something new after I felt like I had “plateaued” in my healing. For example, I did the AIP diet and it reversed a ton of symptoms, but even after 6 months, I still couldn’t reintroduce foods. That’s when I knew that I had to look deeper and try something else to further my healing so I could expand my diet. So it’s really all depends on your situation and when you feel like you’ve given what you’re doing now enough time to see if its working. For the diet, I decided to give it a good 6 months before intervening further.

      In my experience, antibodies can take anywhere from weeks to months to decrease, and same with symptoms. Some symptoms go away immediately, while others take time to lift. Some symptoms could be caused by the gut, while others could be caused from something that hasn’t been addressed yet (like infections, toxins, etc.). But, the further you go into finding things that work well for your body, the more apparent lingering symptoms become, and those symptoms might give a clue as to what go after next. I remember when I changed my diet and started to feel more energized, but still struggled with headaches and sore throats. Turns out it was the laundry detergent and cleaners that were artificially scented. Once I got rid of them and supported my body’s detox processes, those symptoms went away.

      Also, whenever I did something that really seemed to work well (like eliminating gluten and dairy), then I made that part of my foundation indefinitely. Any further changes to my routine would still include a gluten and dairy free diet, rather than dropping that and pivoting to something completely different. I think it’s really important to find all these little pieces to the puzzle and have them build on one another. (I hope that makes sense… I am discovering it’s hard to explain this via text lol.)

      Anyways, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment, Alice. I really think you’ll find your answers soon enough!

  10. Hi Anna,

    Having been recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s with early stage hypothyroidism and still reeling from what it all means for long-term health. Since my TSH increase is in sub-clinical levels, am hoping to start with a natural healing route like you (relying on Ashwagandha, Aloe Vera and Black seed nigella oil, since they have all shown promising results in a couple of research studies). Am also working on going gluten-free as well as incorporating more vegetables and fruits in my diet. Keeping my fingers crossed that I too can see similar health benefits as you did. I am taking Kefir for probiotics, but also finding it interesting that you used digestive enzymes, will definitely try to incorporate this as well (Until very recently, though I eat healthy for the most part, my diet is primarily gluten-rich and also eat dairy occasionally).

    As a woman in my early 40s (and trying to conceive), I find it so empowering that you managed to have 3 children and managed to wean off thyroid medication during your pregnancy!! Unfortunately for me, I tried maca and Vit C which messed up my cycles badly for the past 1.5 month. Please continue to keep me in your prayers that this issue too can resolve. Did you ever have trouble with your menstrual cycles (hope it’s okay for me to ask you, from one woman to another) during this healing process of 2013-2020? If yes, please feel free to include a blog post on what helped you.

    I understand that you maintained next to nil antibodies in your pregnancy and afterwards. Do you believe it was because of the digestive enzymes and probiotics supplements? Most people advocate against taking anything during pregnancy, so wanted to check with you (can tell my Dr. as well, if this worked for you). How did you know which brand to choose? (sometimes too many choices can be a pain)

    1. Hi Priya,

      First, we are including you in our prayers. I know the heartache that comes with trying to conceive… it is incredibly difficult on so many levels.

      Yes, I’ve had various issues with menstrual cycles over the years. I found the biggest benefit for regulating them once I started thyroid hormone supplementation, but that was just a band-aid solution to deeper issues. They really started to regulate on their own without the help of thyroid medication once I dug deeper into diet, targeted supplementation for key nutrients I was deficient in, detoxing, etc. It really took a holistic approach, which it seems you are starting to do with all of your diet changes and supplementation, which is great!!

      I also struggled with many early miscarriages and have a whole post written about it. Just haven’t posted it yet… Hopefully I will be able to soon! Acupuncture was also helpful for me during that time, both from a stress perspective and also in helping my menstrual issues.

      Yes, I no longer have detectable levels of thyroid antibodies and was able to keep them that way before, during, and after my last pregnancy in 2020. I got them tested again about 6 months post-partum and they were still negative. I am currently waiting for my 1 year post-partum bloodwork to ensure they are still negative. I no longer take any thyroid medication.

      Of course, I’ll never know exactly what contributed to my Hashimoto’s remission, but I do believe all of the incremental changes I’ve made to my diet and lifestyle, along with the supplementation like systemic enzymes and probiotics eventually added up and helped my body get over the hump and start healing. Because I had such great success with what I was doing, I continued my probiotics and systemic enzymes during pregnancy along with my diet (with the approval of my doctor).

      I found this article helpful regarding systemic enzyme use during pre-conception and pregnancy if you want more information: The brand of systemic enzymes I used is called Fibrenza, and I picked it based on cost, ingredients, and reviews from others who have used it. Here is some more information on Fibrenza if you are interested: But that Natural Fertility article I linked to gives some other brands to consider as well. As for probiotics, I used Just Thrive probiotics.

      I understand the difficulty and confusion with picking supplements. Over the years, I’ve noticed that many of the doctors I trust use many of the same brands, so I tend to just stick to a few brands to help make it easier. Sometimes this means supplements will be more expensive than I would like, but at least I know I am getting a quality product. My favorite brands are Seeking Health, Amy Myers MD, Thorne, Pure Encapsulations, and Just Thrive (for probiotics). If I need something cheaper, I like the brand NOW but I read the ingredients very carefully because some contain ingredients I am sensitive to.

      I hope all this information helps! Thank you for reading and commenting, Priya!

  11. Tell me more about the remedy you took for the dairy reaction. I have been immersed in Joette’s podcasts, blogs, materia medica for months now. I’m having those with dairy myself. Thanks! (I’m dealing with hashimoto’s too… been gluten free since 2009!)

    1. Hi Jennifer! Aethusa is the remedy! It is utterly amazing at how well it works for my dairy reaction. I’ve stayed clear of dairy for many years now but recently had a chocolate bar that said it could contain traces of dairy on the label. Well, apparently it did contain dairy, and my throat started swelling instantly. One dose of Aethusa 200c and it was relieved within seconds.

      If I remember correctly, Aethusa 200c is used as a Banerji Protocol to uproot dairy intolerances specifically. I haven’t tried it yet because I have other things taking priority, but I know some people have success with it.

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