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  1. Anna,
    Im a fellow “auto immune mix up”. Only I have hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos, which I swear makes my body act like it has its own set of auto immune like disorders. Yet only my thyroid, TSH, levels were slightly elevated. I get the butterfly rash on my face in the heat, and it lingers for hours even after cool showers. What specialty doctors do you suggest for these bizarre symptoms?

    1. Hi Kelly! It is so difficult when our symptoms and test results don’t fit into a perfect diagnosis box, especially when it comes to finding a doctor. What I’ve personally found over the years is that it really all comes down to the doctor as an individual. I’ve had OBGYNs, for example, know more about the thyroid than endocrinologists. I’ve worked with primary care doctors who know more about treating autoimmune disease than rheumatologists and immunologists. So it’s hard for me to make a recommendation, especially when the quality and quantity of doctors varies by location. I’ve always been referred to rheumatologists and immunologists for my autoimmune disease issues and found them helpful for testing and monitoring but not much more than that. And then I’ve found functional medicine doctors (usually just family practice or primary care) the most helpful for lifestyle and dietary interventions to help manage my symptoms.

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