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  1. Anna, thank you so much for sharing, I have just met with a Functional doctor because of being so disappointed with my endocrinologist. I find myself in everyone of your examples. I just started a Gluten Free diet and after 1 week I lost it and ate a cheeseburger and banana cake tonight. I just felt so hungry and deprived. I really have to research more and be prepared. Seems like I am at a loss on what to eat. I have bought all kinds of books (paleo, books by Amy Meyers, Medical Medium and others.. It is so hard to plan a diet, some of the foods I never heard of. The reason I am writing is because you have made me look at things differently, I really needed to see that I am not alone and other people are struggling too. I also have chronic pain from a bad car accident, 3 level cervical fusion, so just receiving a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s just makes life so hard. Thank you again for the encouragement and support. Janie

    1. Hi Janie, I am so sorry to hear about your struggles… it always seems that an autoimmune diagnosis comes at the worst times. Unfortunately, the stress from traumatic/emotional events can often be the trigger for an autoimmune flare. You are definitely not alone.

      I understand your frustrations with diet changes. It is always so much easier said than done and I can’t tell you how many times I caved when I first tried it. I think that there is a lot working against us – temptations all around us that make it so difficult. But like you said, understanding WHY we need to avoid certain foods can really help, along with a solid plan that you make ahead of time with meal plans, grocery lists, etc. and a full pantry clean-out. It also helps to give yourself a little grace as you figure this all out. For example, let’s say you are rocking it at home with homemade meals, but while out and about, you get hungry and stop to get a cheeseburger. Well, next time, you know to leave the house prepared with some safe food so that if hunger strikes, you are prepared.

      It also helps to just start simple. Don’t forget that your basic whole foods: meats, veggies, fruit – are all naturally gluten-free!

      We are praying for you, Janie. Please feel free to e-mail us if you ever want to chat.

  2. First I was diagnosed with Graves the doctor didn’t mentioned that it was an autoimmune disease, got married had two beautiful girls, during pregnancy I went on remission from there went on/off until now. Yes, at age 50 it came back stronger and accompanied with other symptoms. Now this endocrinologist wants to do the surgery but never mentioned autoimmune disease, he only said if you want to get better there’s only 2 options RA or surgery. I’m doing my research and like you said we need to learn to manage this disease. Thank you so much for making this post. I’m taking my medication, we prepare our meals at home but apparently that’s not enough.
    It’s overwhelming to try to find what’s right for our bodies. It’s also very expensive to go gluten free. Some times I feel giving up. At this right moment it’s hard for me to type because my right hand is swelling and stiff. It’s been impossible to do regular chores and that makes me feel frustrated. I do have a craft business that it’s harder to get back to it. I tried my best to help with a little extra income. Thank you so much for this post, I don’t feel alone anymore.

    1. Hi Marcela, I am so sorry to hear about all of your struggles. It is especially frustrating when doctors do not give us the information we need to take charge of our own health. There are a few resources that I think you might find helpful. First, Dr. Amy Myers has Graves disease and has two really great books about how to reverse autoimmune conditions. They are called the Thyroid Connection and The Autoimmune Solution. In addition, I completely understand the cost of switching to a more anti-inflammatory diet. There is a podcast called “Autoimmune Wellness” and all of the season 3 episodes are about eating real food on a budget. You can check those out here. Just scroll down to Season 3 to see all the episodes available. I hope this helps, Marcela!

  3. Yes, yes and yes. Great job explaining this! I can totally relate as I’ve made many of the same mistakes and I’ve learned from them, like you. Dealing with autoimmune is a crazy journey (like you depicted in your graphic above) that takes time, but can ultimately be managed. Wishing you continued, manageable health. I’ll be sharing your article as it will hopefully help others.

    1. Hi Teresa, thank you! Personally, I think that all of us make these mistakes to some degree, even if we have been warned beforehand. It is a crucial part of the healing process and leads us all to our unique/individualized answers. Thanks so much for reading and sharing. 🙂

  4. Hi Anna. This was truly a wonderful article you wrote. Thank you so very much. I had been on thyroid medication for years. Small dosages but still blessed with the under active type. Your lessons are absolutely 100% spot on! I truly believe in diet, exercise, self love and acceptance. Thank and wish you both health and happiness. Kindest Regards. Joanna

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