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    1. Thanks, Barbara. It was a fun article to write. Don and I grew very close during his journey and I’m honored to call him one of my closest friends. I’ll pass along the congrats to him!

      1. It’s been almost a year, how is Don doing now? Could you do an update? If he is doing well, it would be informative to those of us who have MS.

        Thank you.

        1. Debbie, that was the nicest I have ever been yelled at. LOL! I will absolutely write an update post on Don’s progress. And a little foreshadowing – he is doing VERY well. More to come, and soon ☺️

  1. Thank you for the article you wrote about a near and dear friend. I work in Nursing and stories like this are important. Sometimes you walk in to find a person who is disabled, crippled and not able to do many things like before. Understanding where they have come from brings that connection that they once were healthy and had that taken away. Love and compassion for our patients who suffer this terrible disease but still have a life to look forward to and friends and family they love.

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