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    1. Thanks, Barbara. It was a fun article to write. Don and I grew very close during his journey and I’m honored to call him one of my closest friends. I’ll pass along the congrats to him!

      1. It’s been almost a year, how is Don doing now? Could you do an update? If he is doing well, it would be informative to those of us who have MS.

        Thank you.

        1. Debbie, that was the nicest I have ever been yelled at. LOL! I will absolutely write an update post on Don’s progress. And a little foreshadowing – he is doing VERY well. More to come, and soon ☺️

      2. Hello Frank first of all I’d like to say thanks for your article, I’ve had Ms for 22 years now and I’ve been on capaxone injections for ten years, I’m now on TECFIDERA, I’d really like to know how you’re friend Don is as I’m heading into the secondary progressive multiple sclerosis stage, I’m a big supporter of people like us and would really like to send him blessings of love and light to continue with his journey

        1. Well, Michelle… thanks for your kind words! Don is actually still doing well. He did have a very difficult life event recently that set him back slightly, but he was able to re-engage with his lifestyle efforts, and is feeling great again. I will pass along the blessings for you, and God bless you too!

  1. Thank you for the article you wrote about a near and dear friend. I work in Nursing and stories like this are important. Sometimes you walk in to find a person who is disabled, crippled and not able to do many things like before. Understanding where they have come from brings that connection that they once were healthy and had that taken away. Love and compassion for our patients who suffer this terrible disease but still have a life to look forward to and friends and family they love.

  2. Thank you , Frank for the article you wrote. I am not surprised how long it took him to finally get diagnosed. I know MS is more prevalent in women. I do know they are working on more new drugs. For I too have PPMS. I must of had it for a good ten years before getting diagnosed. It’s so easy to call it clumsy or I just forgot. It’s only when your symptoms starting to get worse is when you sit up and start to notice. I wish Don the best and tell him he can always get answers to questions he has going on by joining BelongMS. There are several men and women whom have different things going on with themselves. They give support and he can read about what new trials they are doing. Regards Susan

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