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  1. Wow! Have you been following me around? I was diagnosed with PPMS after 5 years and 5 doctors. That goes along with a hypo-thyroid and Type 2 diabetes. The medical speech was almost word for word.
    I went through all the phases. But I finally realized that it was up to me to accept and change.
    I now get out more, do more and eat better. Yes, I sometimes push my limits but it is a small price to pay for regaining some independence.
    Mobility and fatigue are still major issues but my mental game is not.
    Thank you for your helping me to remember ‘if it is to be,it is up to me’.

    1. Hi Stan, yes – sadly, it is not uncommon to travel from doctor to doctor over the course of many years to finally obtain a diagnosis. But, I am so happy that you have accepted your disease and change as a result. I think that right there is one the hardest things for people to do. Good for you, Stan. 🙂

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