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  1. I would love to have some help managing my Hashimoto’s.. so many years of meds, doctors, & searching for answers… I’m just so tired of it all..

    1. Hi Tamara, have you checked out any of Dr. Izabella Wentz’s books: Hashimoto’s Root Cause and Hashimoto’s Protocol? Those books are where I started. She has so much information on how to recover your health using diet and lifestyle, as well as root causes behind your Hashimoto’s. The info in her books helped me more than any doctor ever did. You can do this, Tamara. Keep going!

  2. Thank you, Anna. Three years of trying to free myself of Multiple Sclerosis has taken me from one Natropath to another. It bothers me that they never seem to agree on anything (diet, exercise, supplements), but I’m adverse to taking prescriptions, so I’ll keep pressing forward!

    1. Hi Shon. Yes, it is so frustrating when doctors don’t agree, isn’t it? I’ve dealt with that, too. I found it helpful to take everything they say into consideration and research it on my own. If their explanation makes sense, and I am okay with what I’ve researched, then I give it a try, or modify it if I need to. Unfortunately, it requires a lot of experimentation (and money!) but it does bring about some answers.

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