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  1. I’ve been following your story and I have to say this article brought tears to my eyes. I am in the process of healing my body more to hopefully get pregnant with our second child. You first delivery sounded a lot like mine! I know you didn’t get your “dream birth” but it seems like things turned out pretty dang good and that Dr being present like that was amazing! He should be an example for all obgyn’s.
    Your previous articles gave me so many amazing tips to prepare for a pregnancy (and reducing autoimmune symptoms!) I can’t tell you how grateful I am! It’s so hard to find any information on specific protocols that people have been doing. I feel like we all need to share our experiences to figure out the puzzle of chronic illness/autoimmune disease.
    Thank you so much again for writing your story and congrats on the new baby!!

    1. Hi Samantha,

      I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to write this comment. Thank you. I agree that sharing what works for each of us is so vital to help us all connect the dots on our journey. There’s just nothing like hearing a success story from someone who has lived what we are going through. I am happy my posts have been able to give you tips and hope for healing your body. Just based on your comment, it sounds you are fully committed to finding what works for you and I am confident that will lead to a second pregnancy, and hopefully a much better labor, lol. The body is capable of amazing things once we give it the right tools to heal!

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