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      1. Thanks. Your information has been really helpful and I’ve put together a protocol for myself. I’m using black seed oil and it says that 1tsp (5ml) contains 4.6g so have been using 1/2tsp daily. It’s a bit confusing but have come across another source where it says that 2g per day is the dose to take as they’ve done studies with 1g and 3g and it’s not as effective as 2g.

        1. Yes, I’ve noticed the same thing regarding the dosage. I don’t think my kitchen scale is very sensitive, so it was difficult for me to tell exactly if I was measuring out exactly 1 gram of oil each time. I know you can also buy pre-made capsules of black cumin seed oil, which would make dosing a lot easier as they usually are 0.5g or 1.0g capsules, but I couldn’t find a brand I trusted at the time. Plus, buying the liquid saved money and was easier on my stomach. Regardless, it all seemed to work!

          Thank you for reading. I am happy to hear it’s been helpful for creating your own plan. I am still doing well now after about 8-9 months as long as I stick with my maintenance protocol, so that is very encouraging.

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