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  1. Hi Anna!
    You and are so much alike! I have the joov too and bought it for my thyroid. I would love to know if you have since figured out if it was helping. I go in and out of using it. I also have MTHFR and I’m so interested in what works best for you with that. I also use frankincense on my thyroid but just ran out and this was a good reminder to grab some again!

    1. Hi Kristen,

      I am still struggling with getting into the Joov routine. It’s just so difficult to find spare time in the morning and night to be able to sit down by myself without interruption. But, thankfully, I don’t feel I’ve needed it… I do miss the benefits on my skin though. My skin definitely glows more when I use it consistently. The frankincense, however, is something I can easily stick with on a daily basis and I LOVE IT! You reminded me that I also need to buy more, lol.

      As for the MTHFR, I’ve tried various things throughout the years and noticed I am very sensitive to high doses of methylated B vitamins. I’ve had a few doctors just simply give me a methylated B vitamin complex and think I’m all good but I learned through trial and error that I feel terrible when I do that. I get very nauseous and have horrible headaches. I can’t even take a full prenatal dose, I usually have to cut them in half and make sure my methylfolate level is below 400mcg if I take it in supplemental form. Then, I read Dr. Ben Lynch’s book Dirty Genes and learned a little more. After that, I realized I feel best if I just eat a ton of greens each day and don’t supplement at all. I will take half a dose of a prenatal every other day because I’m nursing and want to fill in any missing gaps, but that’s it. Anyways, I highly recommend the Dirty Genes book if you haven’t read it because it really helped!

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