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  1. My fiancé has myopathy and neuropathy. Joint pain etc. he is always in a degree of pain. I don’t think his doctor knows how to deal with it.
    Is there a doctor in the Anacortes Washington area or close by you can recommend. Thank you

  2. I’m impressed with your ability to identify the root causes and it help you too feel better. I’ve suffered with IB for 40 + years just recently I had to lay up from issues that preventing me from being more than 20ft from our friend JOHN. went to a conventional gastro DR. did the exam and learned I have celiac disease. he gave me a product called Prevalite the problem is, taking it within 2 hours of supplements or meds before or after, will interfere with their function possibly eliminating its function. combine with celiac disease none of my supplements will ever get into my blood stream I’m already losing much of my nourishment from the disease, but I don’t eat meals I pick throughout the day, small 5 meals. but I’m not interested in another regiment other than what I’m having already to do. you’d expect a comment like that from a 73-year-old after all my diet been a regiment for 73 years. I am curious to learn the reason and how it affects the rest of things going on in my body that has been mentioned in reading your postings. and if those things can be corrected, healed or even remission. I feel I’m too old to give up too many things, like you, my genetic background is European. as painful as it has been in the pass, giving up all the things mentioned would be too much to give up. torture! after 2 years of gluten free, I got relief, but no cure. still had I-B on occasion. the loss of bread and gluten completely changes the flavor and texture of food add a substitute bread changes the flavor. if the food isn’t familiar to the Palat, it’s like eating food that you shouldn’t. It should taste better. so, you find substitute that are not any better at contributing to flavor. I’m not saying everything can’t be substituted. my GF pasta I like. all the breads I tried taste off to me. but if I’m to give up cheese along with other things mentioned, I’m not too willing at this time of life, giving up things is too much torture; it’s supposed to be the part of life you enjoy at my age. eating is one of the last enjoyments of your life. not torture. I already have 4 tortures that can’t be remedied but the information you’re passing on will help me to have the knowledge I was denied for years. might even help with those ailments.
    I’m going to look for a chiropractor that is a functional medical partitioner, many do holistic med, I might luck out. plus, my ins. pays for chiropractor. I will do changes, but not to eliminate half my Mediterranean diet. just enough to eliminate discomfort. not too much time left to enjoy can’t give up too much even at the cost of an early demise. you youngsters have a lifetime to change habits. but thanks again. never seen so much information on the subject, and I wonder why I pay Dr’s.

    1. Hi Jean, really appreciate the testimonial, and glad you thought the post was noteworthy. Please reach out if there is anything we can help with.

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