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  1. Nice article. Very true. I’m a grandmother and have an autoimmune disease and I’d like to let my children and grandchildren know about this. To me this is scary but must be talked about.

    1. Hi Cindy! Yes, this is a subject that must be discussed and brought to light. It all starts with us, the parents and grandparents – the true advocates of our children’s health.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. This is everything. I am due with a baby boy in Feb 2020 and I also have Hashimotos as well as Type 1 Diabetes. I have made the decision to raise him as if he has the same, which means a strict nourishing diet and chemically and toxin free products. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate seeing other autoimmune warriors taking the same approach!

    1. Hi Keri, congratulations on your pregnancy! I absolutely love that you have committed to raising him in a proactive way to prevent autoimmune disease. It has helped our daughter tremendously, especially since she developed eczema quickly after birth. We knew right away that we made the right choice to raise her on a nourishing, anti-inflammatory diet and clean lifestyle. That doesn’t mean it is easy (or convenient), but it is so worth it. You are awesome, Keri!

  3. Anna, I don’t have children yet, but your tips are insightful. I have Crohn’s disease and I want to do everything in my power to make sure my future generations don’t have to deal with it. Have to make choices on what can go in/ on your body. Your opinions were good, and you backed them with stats… Good going girl.

    1. Hi Breanna, thank you! Our oldest is about to turn 4 this year, and I have to say… this is NOT the easy route lol. But it is so worth it. Our kids are healthy and happy, and I am confident that their risk for developing autoimmunity is much lower than mine was growing up. It especially helps to find a doctor who recognizes the family history, and works together with us to make sure we don’t continue to the autoimmune trend. Your comment gives me hope that other people are aware and thinking about how we CAN change what’s happening to our future generations! Thank you!!

  4. I think making these wise (but very hard) decisions for your kiddos will help keep them free of autoimmune disease but the thing that will make an even bigger impact on their health by keeping their immune system healthy is not using vaccines. As a result of some health issues, I began researching vaccines (toxic ingredients, hyper stimulation of immune system, and corupption) and I was shocked. We need to fight for medical freedom and protect our children.

    1. Hi Cindy. Yes, all pharmaceutical products come with risks and benefits, and we need to ensure we obtain true informed consent before making the decision as to whether or not we will use them for our families. But, most importantly, we must fight for medical freedom and preserve our ability, as parents, to make these decisions. Thanks for reading.

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